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Aerobatic Airplanes

Of course, I’m partial to the Extra 300L, a world-class aerobatic airplane manufactured in Germany. But low-wing monoplanes made mostly of composites aren’t the only options for pilots looking for an aerobatic mount.

Extra 300L

Popular Aerobatic Airplanes

Thanks to my friends at IAC Chapter 67 (the Washington state chapter of the IAC), here are pictures of a variety of aerobatic aircraft, including basic trainers like the Cessna A152 Aerobat and Decathlon, biplanes, and the latest high-tech composite monoplanes.

Aerobatic Airplane Lineup at KBFI

Robert Bismuth took most of the pictures below. John Smutny of IAC Chapter 67 also contributed to this collection of photos, many of which show airplanes involved in aerobatic competitions at the Ephrata, WA airport (KEPH) and at the U.S. Nationals competition. To see more pictures of aerobatic airplanes, vist the image albums at the IAC Chapter 67 website.

Aerobatic Airplane Collage

The following list identifies some of the the aircraft in the collage above, starting with the left column and moving down and then back to the top of the second column, etc. I’ve also included links to more information about each aircraft.