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You’ve landed at, home to a (mostly) aviation-oriented website operated by Bruce Williams, a flight instructor, writer, and aviation consultant. Check my blog at Wordpress for discussions of topics of interest to pilots, students, and instructors, such as BruceAir's Guide to ATC Services for VFR Pilots.

If you're interested in an aerobatic ride or stall/spin/upset training in 2014, please contact me via email. Aerobatic rides and instruction will be available starting next spring when the weather cooperates. Please note that I do not offer aircraft checkouts, tailwheel endorsements, high-performance endorsements, or flight reviews in the Extra. The airplane is not available for solo flight.

My new book about using PC-based flight simulations to complement flight instruction was published by Wiley in January 2012. For more information about Scenario-Based Training with X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator: Using PC-Based Flight Simulations Based on FAA-Industry Training Standards, visit the title's page at the publisher's website, and its page here at BruceAir.

Here's a video that shows highlights from an aerobatic ride in BruceAir's Extra 300L. You can find more videos on BruceAir's YouTube channel.

A36 Left Wing

Aerobatic rides and training are not available at Boulder City. Although I visit Las Vegas often during the winter, my schedule varies, and I am not currently able to conduct commercial operations there. If you're interested in an aerobatic ride or training in Las Vegas, I recommend that you contact Monarch Sky, based at Henderson (KHND). Monarch Sky has Extra 330LCs and and a Citabria available for basic and advanced aerobatic flights and training.

Remember, Every seat’s a window seat on BruceAir.

Extra 300L in formation


Extra 300L in Formation

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You can follow this link to my Wordpress Blog, where you'll find the latest information about my books, aviation, and flight instruction.

A36 Over Lake Mead

Extra 300L & A36

Extra 300L Inverted

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