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Multimedia Presentations

I often give aviation-related multimedia presentations to pilot groups, instructors, and others interested in such topics as:

Now, I know Rod Machado. Rod Machado is a friend of mine. And I'm no Rod Machado. But I've presented to large, curious (and usually appreciative) crowds at:

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Stall/Spin Awareness

This 60-minute presentation uses videos captured with the Extra 300L's on-board cameras to illustrate a variety of stalls, spins, and recoveries from unusual attitudes.

(To learn more about stall/spin/upset training at BruceAir, visit my Spin Training page.)

SpinningTopics covered in this presentation include:

Instructing In and Flying Glass Cockpit Aircraft

G1000 FTDAt Galvin Flying Services I instruct in a variety of Technically Advanced Aircraft (see the Air Safety Institute Special Report on TAA) and in the DA40 and DA42 simulators equipped with a complete G1000 system. I also co-developed the Garmin G1000 ground school at the Galvin flight school.

This presentation focuses on:

Using Microsoft® Flight Simulator as a Training Aid

FS BookI worked on many versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator during my career at Microsoft, and I've observed hundreds—perhaps thousands—of pilots and virtual aviators "fly" the PC-based simulation. Unfortunately, many folks aren't realizing all the benefits they could enjoy from using Flight Simulator as a training aid.

This presentation, based on my book Microsoft Flight Simulator as a Training Aid: A Guide for Pilots, Instructors and Virtual Aviators, offers specific suggestions to help students, pilots, and instructors use Flight Simulator effectively, as a virtual cockpit, in ground school and preflight and postflight briefing sessions, and as a home-study tool.

I also provide an overview of features that many folks overlook, and I explore many myths and misconceptions about FAA approval of flight training devices, logging simulator time, and related topics.

For more information about Microsoft® Flight Simulator as a Training Aid, including a table of contents, details about the BruceAir Practice Flights on the companion CD, and links to additional information, visit the home page for the book here at BruceAir.

FS Book Cover